Guides Alberobello

Alberobello, guided walking tours with local guides.

Alberobello (province of Bari) is the land of “trulli”, the conical-roofed homes. The route starts from " Belvedere", with fantastic views of the Rione Monti (about 1000 trulli). Trulli,” small conical-roofed homes initially built without the use of mortar and with only dry stones piled one on top of the other and crowned with limestone roofs, which artfully supply pinnacles of magical significance.

The historic center of Alberobello has been declared a National Monument and Heritage of 'Humanity protected by' UNESCO. The tour continues with a visit to the historic center “Aia Piccola”, consisting of about 400 trulli, for the most part still used as dwellings. The name "aia", attracts a large open space that was once used for threshing grain. We then come to Casa D’Amore, “World Heritage "Humanity”, it is the first house built with using mortar and without the classical trullo shape, which was imposed by the Acquaviva Counts of Conversano until the end of the eighteenth century.

The tour ends in the Old Town district "Monti"; The eighteenth-century Trullo Sovrano is tall well 15 meters and is the single set over two floors. The only other place in Europe to have trulli is the Rhineland in Germany. The migrant workers from Puglia built some while working in the vineyards there.

Duration: 2 hrs Entrance Fee: on request Meeting point: parking at the “ Palazzetto dello Sport”. Other languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian.