Guides Altamura

Altamura, guided walking tours with local guides

Altamura a small town in the north-west of Puglia is famous for the Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption founded in the thirteenth century by Frederick II of Svevia, the Palatine Chapel wanted by the emperor, the church of San Biagio, the Church of St. Nicolas of the Greeks and Museums (Civic, and Ethnography of Arte Tipografica). It will not be easy during the walk with our tour guide through the "claustri" the typical squares of the old town, not to be kidnapped by the smell of bread, the famous Altamura bread and focaccia DOP (Protected Origin Denomination), that comes from local bakeries. Altamura, was the first town in Europe to receive a DOP classification (Denomination of Origin of Production) for its bread.

Break for "Focaccia Brunch"

Duration: 2 hrs Entrance Fee: on request Other languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese.