Guides Bari

Bari, guided walking tours with local guides.

Of great interest is the visit to Bari Vecchia (Borgo Antico). In the company of Our guide will walk along the Old Port and as you go up to the famous Basilica of St. Nicolas, dating back to XI-XII century and dedicated to Nicolas Bishop (a holy miracle worker whose remains were stolen from Mira). One of the most beloved saint in the whole world and father of the legend of Santa Claus. The Basilica of St. Nicolas in Apulia is the greatest example of Romanesque architecture. Inside the church, there is a great value Episcopal Chair of Elia which is entirely made out of marble. The twelfth century and the crypt where the remains of St. Nicolas are preserved.

The Cathedral of St. Sabino, however, is today the result of many renovations made over the years but the original nucleus of the Byzantine period has kept. The Swabian castle, whose oldest part dates from the thirteenth century, now houses some offices of the Superintendent. “Arco Alto e Arco Basso” where there are some old ladies making and selling orecchiette (home made typical pasta).

Duration: 2,5 hrs Entrance Fee: Meeting point: Piazza del Ferrarese Other languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian.