Guides Galatina

Galatina, guided walking tours with local guides

With our guide you will start the itinerary in Piazza Alighieri, hosting the Lamp without Light (called the Pupa). You will visit the Civic Museum Cavoti and the most representative monument of Galatina: the beautiful Basilica Minore of Santa Caterina d 'Alessandria. Declared National Monument, was built on behalf of Raimondello Del Balzo Orsini in the fourteenth century and is considered the richness of its interior frescoes , second only to the Basilica of San Francesco d 'Assisi. Then you will visit the Chapel of St. Paul and the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, which stands in the central Piazza S. Pietro and dates back to the seventeenth century. The church of San Paolo currently shows the well which contained the "miraculous water”, healed those who had been bitten by tarantulas.

Galatina (Province of Lecce) is an important center of wine production and for “tarantella” or “pizzica” a famous dance, (the only cure for a tarantula bite, or metaphorically, for someone possessed by the devil).

Duration: 2,5 hrs Entrance Fee: Meeting point: Piazzetta G. Toma Other languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese.