Guides Gallipoli

Gallipoli, guided walking tours with local guides.

Departure from the port area. Visit in succession to the Greek Fountain features 4 caryatids that support the architrave and was inspired by the classical architecture of Ancient Greece, the Santa Cristina chapel, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Canneto, the Castle, the Palazzo Balsamo, the Cathedral of Sant 'Agata (who was martyred in the Sicilian city of Catania, but whose relics are housed in Gallipoli) located along the main axis of the old village, via Antonietta De Pace. The tourist trail ends with a tour of the splendid churches belonging to local fraternities along the Riviera. The old town of Gallipoli, seen from top looks like a pan "whose bottom is represented by the old village and the handle from its long bridge that connects the old town to the new one.

Duration: 2,5 hrs Entrance Fee: on request Meeting point: Port parking Other languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese.