Guides Grottaglie

Grottaglie, guided walking tours with local guides

Grottaglie, nickname “city of pottery”, for the presence of a lot of handmade laboratory for work the pottery. The path with our guide includes: a walk to the famous "Quartiere delle ceramiche" including a visit to the typical shops with a chance to see live machining of clay and various distinctive artifacts processing procedures. We will visit an old laboratory of ceramic where to admire the artistic ceramic, as the “lu pumu”, decorative symbol, generally, is situated on the balcony of home to sign fertility, prosperity and a good luck. A visit to the Castle Grottaglie, with attached permanent Museum of Ceramics, the Chiesa Matrice and Shrine of St. Francis de Geronimo. Grottaglie is also famous for the homemade chocolate factory.

Duration: 2,5 hrs Entrance Fee: Inputs not provided for a fee, but the Museum of Ceramics must be booked online by filling out a form.Meeting point: Via Caravaggio Other languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese.