Guides Lucera and Troia

Lucera and Troia, guided walking tours with local guides

Lucera (province of Foggia) a fortress built by the great Frederick II of Swabia. The town is gathered around the historic centre. Unmissable stages are: The Roman amphitheatre (built during the age of Augustus, it had a seating capacity of 18 thousand people), the Frederick fortress and the Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption (considered the first example of Gothic in Puglia).

How not to continue with our tour guide a walk to Troia (almost 22 km away from Foggia).. The town is located south of Lucera. Famous for its magnificent Romanesque Cathedral of Santa Maria dell’Assunta, built on two floors, made famous by the beautiful openwork rose window in the facade and the famous Exultet rolls and Museum of the Cathedral’s Treasure.

Duration: 5 hrs Entrance Fee: on request Other languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese.