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Nardò, guided walking tours with local guides

Known as the ancient Neretum: was the city Messapian, Roman town and important Byzantine center. In the city coat of arms is the figure of the bull that traditionally gave gushing water with a blow of his hoof in the exact spot where the city was built.

Our guide will take you along the path to the discovery of many monuments such as the spectacular Piazza Salandra, defined as one of the most beautiful squares of Southern Italy, the Spire of Immaculate erected after the earthquake of 1743 and ancient Cathedral with Christ in black wood, the baroque Church of San Domenico and the castle of the Dukes Acquaviva. Along the road that leads from Santa Caterina are the “ Cenate”(Ville baroque, classical, deco and eighteenth-century houses were set in a lush green, built for the rich Salento). Santa Maria al Bagno is home to the Museum of Memory, built in memory of the many surviving Jews to the concentration camps, they found a safe haven in the marina, a cozy, peaceful retreat. Gold Medal of Civil Merit, the Nardò marina also houses three murals made by the deportees.

Duration: 2,5 hrs Classical tour Entrance Fee: Free. Meeting point: Piazza Cesare Battisti (Castle area). Other languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese.