Guides Santa Maria di Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca, guided walking tours with local guides.

Santa Maria di Leuca is located in the municipality of Castrignano del Capo, is a seaside resort and is between Punta Meliso and Punta Ristola. The town’s name comes from the Greek Leukos, meaning light.

The itinerary includes a visit to the Sanctuary, also known as the Basilica De Finibus Terrae (built on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva. Not far from the sanctuary is the impressive lighthouse, built in 1864 on the site of a 16th century watchtower. Its octagonal form rises 47 metres into the sky (over 100m above sea level) and contains a winding staircase of 254 steps. Still in function, it is one of Leuca’s most impressive landmarks. Leuca is also home to a monumental man-made waterfall, built to signal the end of the Puglia aqueduct. The Villas Eclectic late nineteenth century with their "bagnarole" placed at the foot of the promenade, the Church of “Cristo Re’” and the coastal tower of "Uomini Morti”. Ability to move in Patù, 4 km to the north, a town situated at the foot of the Serra Vereto to visit the enigmatic funerary monument made by big stones, its name Centopietre, means “hundred stones”, and the Church St. John the Baptist. The coast around the bay of Marina di Leuca is full of beautiful caves accessible by boat, which is the best way to enjoy this show.

Duration: 2,5 hrs Classical tour Entrance Fee: Free Meeting point: near the Sanctuary or at Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo. Other languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese.