Guides Taranto

Taranto, guided walking tours with local guides.

Taranto is known as "the city of the two seas". positioned, around two large bays: the “Mar Grande”, where the commercial port is located, and the “Mar Piccolo”, flanked by the old town centre. Under the Greeks the town became one of Magna Grecia’s most significant commercial hubs.

Our guide will show you the most important monuments of the Ionian city. You will see the famous swing bridge overlooking the waterway and which opens to allow the passage of ships from the Small Sea to the Great Sea, the Aragonese Castle also known as the Castel Sant 'Angelo (is one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions), the ruins of the Doric Temple (two well-preserved Doric columns, remains of a Greek temple), the Cathedral San Cataldo, right in the heart of old Taranto (one of the oldest Romanesque churches in Apulia dedicated to the patron saint of Taranto, San Cataldo). Inside is a wonderful mosaic floor, similar to the one in Otranto’s cathedral. The Church of San Domenico Maggiore with its beautiful cloister, to finish with two really missed visits: we recommend a trip to the National Archaeological Museum “Marta”, home to numerous Greek, Roman and Apulian artefacts such as the Ori di Taranto, a collection of gold objéts d’art that bear testimony to the city’s glorious past, (inaugurated December 20, 2007); and the "Arsenale of Taranto” built in 1889. The numerous seafood restaurants serving up delicious local specialities such tubettini con le cozze (pasta with mussels).

Duration: 2,5 hrs Classical tour, or 5 hrs Entrance Fee: Marta Museum. Meeting point: Piazza Castello Other languages: Italian, French, German.