Guides Vieste and Peschici

Vieste and Peschici, guided walking tours with local guides

The town of Vieste is located in the province of Foggia and is known as the "Pearl of the Gargano"; It is one of the oldest cities of the Daunia.
Unmissable in Vieste guided tour of the Cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, the castle overlooking the sea and the "Chianca Amara" or "the stone of blood and tears". On this rock, in fact, in the sixteenth century, they were killed by decapitation, almost 5000 viestani to Turkish hands. That's why the whole Gargano coast that goes from Vieste to Peschici is dotted with ancient watchtowers, generally quadrangular, whose purpose was to defend themselves from the enemy coming from the sea.

But the coast from Vieste to Peschici is also dotted with very original gadgets used in the past for fishing: the famous Trabucchi. ancient structures once used for fishing which have today been transformed into seaside restaurants.
The Trabucchi are wooden structures made of piles anchored to the mainland and equipped with antennas that stretch to the deep sea. Even today you can see many examples along the coast. On the same coastline you can visit, among other things, the Oasis –archeologic called "La Salata" an ancient burial complex that houses more than 300 tombs dating from the third century d.c..absorbed in a natural oasis of incomparable beauty. And a fabulous vision in Vieste, one of the tall rock called "Pizzomunno", about 25 meters high surrounded by the turquoise sea of Vieste, close to the overhanging cliff, or of' “Architiello “, which has become the symbol of the Gargano coast (a gift nature, due to the slow erosion of the rock that has been modified in time by the action of sea and wind.

Duration: Vieste an Peschici 5 hrs Entrance Fee: Free Other languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German.