Salento Craft

With trail guides, you will learn about the typical crafts of Salento (ceramics, clay, papier mache Lecce, Lecce stone).
You will discover with the help of our guide the different places of production of handicrafts and the specialized centers of Salento in one or in other work:




Cartapesta leccese Stone leccese Terracotta leccese

Crafts typical of Lecce is the paper mache. In the shops they are working religious statues or crib figurines and entities representing the peasant figures and the ancient crafts of the past.

Another form of local crafts is represented by the processing of the local stone, locally known as “leccisu”, a rock belonging to the family of calcarenite, extremely versatile for processing and for this very used for the realization of decorative elements and furnishings . Its peak and use joined him during the Baroque period. This stone gave birth to the beautiful churches and palaces which are visible in all the Salento.

In Salento, the production of terracotta dates back to ancient times, the oldest specimens (trozzelle, craters), leading to the Messapi and can still be seen in the Museum of Lecce.
To have an idea of the vast repertoire of Salento pottery and ceramics is advisable to visit the rich craft shops of holy water fonts, puppets of the crib, whistles, bells, and their most representative centers in Salento.

During the visits we will learn: the craft traditions of the territory and the different artistic techniques of processing of the article, before going to visit the workshop.